Health & Safety: It's Important

Health and safety training is about more than just ticking a box, especially with topics as important as CPR or first aid. We make sure you learn and retain the information by letting you pause and rewind, access videos for up to 8 months after purchase and refresh your skills with a different video every week by email.

We even do the little things to make sure you really learn the material — test questions that are randomised; topics that require mastery to pass the course; and video remediation that is customised to you.

Convenience without sacrificing quality

Some e-learning courses claim to teach you advanced skills and then proceed with a lecture using powerpoint-based slides rather than in-depth video demonstrations.

With ProTrainings e-learning, you won't be making any sacrifices in the quality of your education. In fact, you get a front-row seat in the class.

Sample Video: Estimating Blood Volume

See what our customers say:

An amazing course which I feel grateful to have completed. EXCELLENT information given, structure and very clear videos. Very informative and easy to understand! Thankyou

~Hayley, a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) in Warwickshire
Basic Life Support and AED for Healthcare Professionals Level 2 (VTQ)
The training came in short, easy-to-understand videos and was speckled with the right number of re-enactments of scenarios. They were easy to digest and information was given at a rate that did not overwhelm me. The videos all ended with contact details of the trainers which shows a readiness to help if one had difficulties. I really enjoyed the course!

~Oreoluwa Adeola, a Medical Doctor in Kent
CPR/BLS for Healthcare Professionals Level 2 (VTQ)
Convenient and effective training course

~Miss, a Dental Hygienist (RDH) in Cleveland
Basic Life Support (BLS) and AED for Dentists Level 2 (VTQ)
I love Quick, concise, easily understood and efficiently explained videos. Worth every penny. Recommend.

~Gail, a Nurse (LVN/LPN) in Cornwall
Very informative, clear and easy to follow. Thank you.

~Donna, a Dental Hygienist in Bedfordshire
CPR/BLS for Healthcare Professionals Level 2 (VTQ)
Simple, easy and practical

~Naveed in RIYADH
Complaint Handling (VTQ)
Excellent worth of your time. Brief, accurate and practical.

~Uzma in RIYADH
Complaint Handling (VTQ)
I was a first aider at work saving a colleagues life after he had a heart attack. Knowing first aid is always handy to know in case of any emergency's like myself when there was no medical staff around and its there for the rest of your life.

~Peter, a Unemployed in winchester
Community First Aid
Used these for years now and never an issue very easy and a brilliant way to do things. Keep up the great service guys big thumbs up from me

~Chris in Tyne And Wear
First Responder Annual Refresher
The videos were very good and helpful, everything was easy and understandable.

~Bertha, a Trainee Dental Nurse in London
Basic Life Support (BLS) Level 2 (VTQ)

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