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HABC Level 1 Award in Principles of Health and Safety in the Workplace (QCF)

CPD Certified

HABC Level 1 Award in Principles of Health and Safety in the Workplace (QCF)

The HABC Level 1 Awards in Health and Safety have been developed to ensure that employees are equipped with a basic knowledge of health and safety in their workplace, including the duties under UK health and safety legislation.

These qualifications require no former knowledge of Health and Safety and are therefore ideal as part of a company health and safety induction programme, but it could also form part of ongoing refresher training designed to improve the health and safety culture in a workplace.

These qualifications suit a diverse group of individuals ranging from those working in large multinationals to those working in small businesses. Candidates can also use the qualification as part of relevant courses being taken in schools and colleges.

The content of this and all our courses has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and come with a Certified CPD Statement as well as a ProTrainings Certificate and for online courses an Evidence Based Learning statement.

This course gives learners the opportunity to gain a formally recognised regulated qualification. If you require funding, a regulated qualification is often required. Phone us and we can advise if needed. If you choose our course leading to a regulated qualification, there are additional assessment criteria to be undertaken with an instructor and a small extra certification charge.

Regulated Qualification Details
Course Title: HABC Level 1 Award in Principles of Health and Safety in the Workplace (QCF)
QAN: 600/6789/5
Level: 1
Credit Value: 1
GLH: 6
The Register of Regulated Qualifications
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This course comes with 4.0 hours of CPD, although the time to complete the course online may be less than this.

Occupations that can use this course:

  • Employers
  • Business owners
  • Managers
  • Health and Safety reps
  • Employees  


  • Introduction and Regulation
    • Health and Safety and it's importance
    • What causes accidents?
    • Health and Safety Law
    • Employee and Employer Responsibility
  • Prevention of Accidents
    • Why prevention is important and what can be done
    • Risk Assessment 
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Substances dangerous to health - COSHH
    • Warning signs
  • When an accident happens
    • Basic First Aid Advice
    • RIDDOR and accident reporting
    • Work place policies and procedures
    • Equipment in the workplace and how you can get hurt
  • Specific areas of health and safety training
    • Formal Fire Risk Assessment
    • Fire Triangle
    • Calling the fire service
    • Evacuation Procedures
    • Good Housekeeping
    • Electricity
    • Manual Handling
    • Slips, Trips, and Falls
    • Work station and VDU safety
    • Occupational Health
    • Infection control
  • Summary of Health and Safety
    • Enforcement of health and safety regulations
    • What you need to remember and what to do next

Learning Outcomes

1     Understand the importance of health, safety and welfare standards in the workplace
1.1  State how the duties of employers contribute to a healthy and safe workplace
1.2  State how the duties of employees contribute to a healthy and safe workplace
1.3  Outline suitable workplace welfare arrangements
2     Know how hazards and risks are controlled in the workplace
2.1  Identify how hazards and risks contribute to workplace risk assessments
2.2  State the importance of workers following procedures at work
2.3  Outline how to use methods for controlling risk in the workplace
3     Be aware of the main causes and effects of poor health and safety at work
3.1  Outline the main causes of workplace injury
3.2  Outline the main causes of workplace ill-health
3.3  Outline the reasons why accidents occur
3.4  State the effects of accidents at work
3.5  Outline the need to report accidents and near misses at work
4     Understand how health and safety information is communicated in the workplace
4.1  Identify the main safety signs and signals found in the workplace
4.2  List sources of health and safety information found in the workplace
4.3  State the importance of workers notifying health and safety concerns to their employer

Qualification Certificate:

Sample HABC Level 1 Award in Principles of Health and Safety in the Workplace (QCF) Classroom Certificate